Show 'Murica some love with TheManSpot Patriot Pack.

What’s included in the box?

(1) Exclusive Graphic Tee

(1) Exclusive Hat

(1) Brim It

This limited-edition combo won't be around forever, so snag yours before it's retired.

A portion of all proceeds given to the Freedom Campaign in defense of our Constitution.



The backstory...

The U.S.S. Wahoo is one of the most famous American submarines of the WWII Pacific theater. Commanded by Dudley “Mush” Morton, the highly-lethal submarine was responsible for the sinking of at least 19 Japanese ships—a feat unsurpassed by any of its contemporaries.

This month’s t-shirt was inspired by the “Indian Head” t-shirts that Commander Morton once gave to the crew of the infamous Wahoo (interestingly, the last-known remaining of which can be seen today at the Submarine Museum at Pearl Harbor).

So, consider this quarter’s design a nod to the highly-decorated war hero whose bravery and grit are emblematic of our nation’s veterans. Let us never forget those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our nation’s sovereignty.