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You have heard of Manspot. Right? I guess so. Who does not know about the famous gun-pro advocate and the Instagram sensation? But there is a life beyond being the Manspot of him as well. Where he is just Vaughn Neville. There are stories behind the Instagram posts, behind the gun collection, which cannot be seen from the outside of the screen. He has mind-blowing stories about his personal life, how he became the Manspot, and many things. If you are interested to know those, you have clicked the right article. You will get to know about his age, height, biography, net worth, lifestyle, and many more stories hidden behind his stardom, personal life, etc. Let us get started.

Who Is Themanspot

Vaughn Neville or popularly known as the Manspot which is his social media name was born on 9th August of 1983. He was born in Sun Valley which is a town in Idaho known for the bald mountains and ski areas. But he spent most of his childhood and teenage years in Utah in the United States. Vaughn Neville holds the birth sign of Leo.

Before being popular on social media he became a gun collector and a pro-gun advocate. And he currently has an enormous fanbase of approximately 450000 followers and his name, the Manspot is known by the world.

Vaughn Neville has been a successful businessman and a social media influencer as well. He has already achieved a lot of numbers over there. Let us talk about the figures he has achieved.

About the Success of Manspot

Vaughn Neville aka The Manspot is not only a celebrity but also a successful businessman as well. According to many reliable sources and top-tier business magazines, Vaughn Neville’s net worth is around 1 to 5 million US dollars. 

His main source of income is said to be Instagram, and his gun advisory as well. But the 39-year-old social media star is already one of the highest-paid Instagram influencers from the brand association. Also, he is on the list of the richest influencers around the globe. 

Now let us look at his personal life which has always been the headline for gossip magazines as he lived a colorful life always.

Personal Life and Family

Vaughn Neville has always tried to keep his life private as far as he can. But with the expansion of social media and the internet, privacy has literally become a myth.

Vaughn was married to Kaitlyn, who is known as The Wife Spot popularly in 2014. And they had two sons named Axle and Ace, and a daughter too. The name of their daughter is Rebel Rose. He prefers to call his son, Mr. Little on Instagram.

But unfortunately, the couple got divorced, and just like any other celebrity couple they also got many headlines. We’ll talk about that topic in the next part of the article. It is an interesting topic to discuss.

The Wife Spot

His wife, Kaitlyn aka the Wife spot is a popular face too on the internet. She got the attention of netizens from the youtube channel named “Meet the Spots”, which was shared by her and Vaughn. The channel has almost 110k followers.

After getting known by people, she also got popular on Instagram and other social media. She has almost 95k followers on Instagram.

What Happened to The Manspot and His Wife

Now, this part of the story of Vaughn Neville and his wife Kaitlyn is a bit tragic. People often ask “why did the manspot get divorced.” 

As earlier stated, Manspot has always tried to keep his personal life private. So the reason is not much known by the people. But the rumors say that cheating was involved in the matter. 

But as usual, in every celebrity separation, the media makes huge headlines and creates various rumors which are mostly for publicity. This case was not an exception as well. There was a flood of catchy headlines, and articles. But nothing stood out.

Both of them are single right now. And taking care of the children. They look happy on social media, which is the most important thing in life. 

The last words

So, this was the article about the one and only, social media sensation the Manspot, who has a good name called Vaughn Neville as well. 

His mind-blowing collection of various guns will leave you spellbound. Which you may have seen on his Instagram feed as well. But here in this article, we tried to show him from a different perspective. Which is behind the camera. Which is generally not seen by many. How he is as a child, as a father, as a husband, and many more things about him are discussed. Hope you liked our content.

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